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Hi, my name is Moyan Zhou! 

I love photography and video editing!

Nice to meet you!

About me [CV]

I will be a first-year PhD student in GroupLens, University of Minnesota, with Prof. Loren Terveen.

I am interested in recommendation systems and online social community and network, and data computation. 

I will join a seminar hosted by Prof. Tiefeng Jiang to explore quantum computation in social networking. 


2021.9 - present University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, PhD in Computer Science HCI

2017.9 - 2021.5 University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, BA of Computer Science, Minor in Psychology


2021.1 - 2021.5 Undergraduate TA in CSCI1933: Introduction to Algorithms and Data Structures

2020.9 - 2020.12 Undergraduate TA in CSCI2011: Discrete Structures of Computer Science

2018.9 - 2021.5 Undergraduate TA in PSY1001: Introduction to Psychology


2021 Summer: Seminar in Quantum Computation

2021 Summer: Project Challenge - Backend Website Development

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